Coordination certificate for Spanish “Catastro” and “Registro Propiedad”

Overlapping real data over Catastro data / January 2019

Welcome to the blog of +R | Exlusive Architects. Today we will talk about something that is usually required by Notarías in order to sell or buy any property in Spain.

Many, when purchasing a new property in Spain, have wondered why our registry plans, do not match with either the “Catastro” plans (the “Catastro” is the national tax registry for properties in Spain), nor the real boundaries, nor Google Maps, nor the physical reality! And this happens because since old times we have been calculating property boundaries by using different methods and maps.

The georreferencing certificate

At MASR, we help home owners get the necessary certificates in towns like Altea, Calpe, Moraira, Denia, Jávea or Alicante and register these documents. We work with Notarías and Registros all over Alicante. For this task, we need to make a small topographical survey of the property, generate a series of digital files which must be registered and checked within the Catastro. When all these are valiated, the arhcitect generates a Georeferencing certificate, which will be submitted to Notary and Land registry.

Should you need help getting this certificate, don’t hesitate to contact us.